Stay strong & Be Happy

Hello Friends,

Am here to inspire everyone out there in dark and make you to come towards light. Don’t forget life has solutions for every problem. So be happy and follow me if you are interested in changing yourself from the darkness and aim towards achieving a goal, building a healthy lifestyle, career development, creating a successful life n the most important being positive.

Because positive thinking has the power of changing anything. We must learn to see good things in every situations. Everything is a thought process in our life. So make sure you watch your thoughts. “Like attracts like” as well “Hate attracts hate”. So be nice for no reason, Once you learn how to control your body and mind and ofcourse this universe is in your hands! As this is my first post, I don’t want to make you bore. I will complete this with a small information.


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Everybody in this world came through this word ” MEDITATION “. But What is that peace meditation? Little confusing right? So let me teach you how to live in peace by doing this. It’s a very simple meditation practice where you can do this while traveling, relaxing, etc., no need to watch any breathing to concentrate at all. So let’s start!


We are living in a place where people can betray us, cheat, mock us. Because of them we are ┬ánot able to live in peace. In order to overcome this, let’s do a small practice. Think of that person and say I love you, how many possible times you can say. Within 90days of time they feel bad about themselves for doing this to you and they will feel sorry for you if you try continuously doing it or whenever you get time to do it.

* Second one is ” I Am SORRY ”

Sometimes you might have done something bad to people knowingly or unknowingly. If you want to convey them sorry but you are in a situation or you are not ready to say in person. And there it works! Same as I said before think of that person say sorry to them whole heartedly and that will reach them for sure. They will understand you somehow and they will forgive you!

* And the Final one ” FORGIVE ME”

This practice is same as above. To whomever you want to seek forgiveness, you can think of that person try this and say forgive me as many times you can say. And see the awesome results within you!

You will be happy and that leads to a peaceful life..!

Stay happy and peace guys!